08 July 2008

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) promotes the Pakistan IT industry as the destination of choice for global IT Investors. PSEB website acts as a marketing tool with more than seventy percent audience overseas. The website serves as an interface to all potential international investors and stakeholders.
PSEB website is now available in both Chinese and Arabic languages. With a history of over 1500 years, Arabic is spoken in over 20 countries by 450 million people around the world. However, about 1.051 billion people speak Chinese around the globe. These are also amongst the official languages of United Nations.

Pakistan Software Export Board

The country is on the verge of taking off in the information technology (IT) field, following the telecom revolution, says Microsoft Pakistan Country Manager Kamal Ahmed. "I am very hopeful that the explosion in the IT sector will be just like the one we have seen in the country's telecom sector," he told a TV news channel.
He said that it had been observed in many countries that the telecom sector developed ahead of the IT sector. The telecom sector provides the bandwidth, which is the backbone for the IT sector to flourish, he added. He said that software, hardware and technologies are also getting cheaper day by day. So, people are buying more and more personal computers (PCs).
Citing another reason for the expected speedier IT growth, he said that today the businesses are competing against the global forces. To remain competitive, the country's businesses must adopt latest technologies, which provide quality controls and operational efficiencies, he said.
Kamal said he was hopeful that the new government would chalk out a sensible course for the growth of IT in Pakistan. He said that the government could increase its tax revenues and socio-economic growth by checking software piracy and promoting the sale of legal software.
He said that Microsoft is very much active in the corporate social responsibility area. The company has set up an 'IT academy' in cooperation with the 'Zindagi Trust'--an organisation being run by pop singer Shehzad Roy--where the undeserved school children are taught IT to enable them realise their full potential.
In his message to the youth, Kamal said, "Our young generation should make best use of the time it has at its disposal and study very hard." Secondly, they should never compromise on ethics, he said, and stressed: "Focus on becoming a better human being first and then a better professional."
Osman Maqbool, 'Small & Mid Market Solutions & Partners' Manager, Microsoft Pakistan, said, "Pakistan is one of the key emerging markets and offers a great potential." Over the last two years, he said, Microsoft has focused on developing its partners in Pakistan to serve its consumers and the businesses.
Microsoft has also focused quite extensively on utilisation of legal software and its benefits. "We have seen there is a great response against such awareness campaigns," he added.
Salma Nisar, Technical Account Manager, Microsoft Pakistan, highlighted the enterprise services and support offered by the global software leader. She spoke about how Microsoft Enterprise Services enables customers to realise the true value of their investment in Microsoft Platform through various infrastructure optimisation initiatives. Afzaal Mirza, Citizenship Lead, talked about the Microsoft Citizenship Initiative, which supports education, innovations, corporate social responsibility, Internet security and privacy, as well as community investment