24 July 2008

93% Feel that American men are getting fatter
81% Think that celebrity gossip is for women
69% Are concerned about the effects of global warming
60% Feel no commercial portrayals of men are accurate
79% Think that women put too much value on financial worth
75% Feel that moral standards in business are on the decline
69% Would fess up if they committed a major mistake at work
64% Would be sincerely happy to hear of a friend's sudden financial success
97% Think s*x is important in a relationship
71% Can't tell if a woman fakes an orgasm
56% Have had a one-night stand
50% Have lied about the number of s*x partners they have had
56% See the drink they order as a reflection of their masculinity or character
85% Would have s*x with a coworker
63% Would buy a gas-guzzling car if money wasn't a factor
59% Would dump a girlfriend if she became fat
86% Are not completely satisfied with their s*x lives
83% Believe that men should pay for the majority of dates
76% Believe that they have a soul mate
84% Have a grooming regimen that goes beyond the basics
79% Don't consider salary the best measure of professional success
69% Would never cheat
94% Think that real men cry
66% Will never stop playing video games
59% Are concerned with how people perceive their car
6% Are guided by trends in buying clothes
84% Believe men get screwed in divorce court
78% Would change something about their girlfriends
77% Think it is important that a girlfriend have "wife potential"
71% Have or would read their girlfriend's e-mail