17 July 2008

The day you born, you might not remmeber
The day you die, the die will be glimpse of your life.
The happy moments and the sad, you can image in your memories
The long nights of pain and short moments of happniess
as its said, happiness is nothing but lack of sadness
as evil heart is nothing but the lack of greatness of Almighty
To find love and gain wealth
or to get love by people near to you and sharing you
as sometimes values are more important
as love is more important
Life is all about changes
As half life spend in changing and half in undoing it
Dont be in the mist!
Life is not all about earning money!
where No Money and No Honey!
Life is about achieving your goal!
What you think & What you want to do!
because life is in the moment live by today

the more said, the less done!....