24 July 2008

Men like younger women
Men hate chick flicks
Men are eager to cheat
Men are intimidated by intelligence
Men are intimidated by success
Men are scared of marriage
Men want to be eternal bachelors
Men aren't romantics
Men only care about looks
Men are scared of commitmen

Men can't cook
Men will eat anything
Men don't follow fashion
Men are obsessed with cars
The world's best-dressed men come from Italy
Men don't use powders and creams
Men avoid going to the doctor
Men drink a lot of beer
Men hate shopping
Men don't cry

Men work for income alone
Men fear gold diggers
Most men feel overworked and underpaid
Men are always the perpetrators of s*xual harassment
Men plan poorly for retirement
Men crave status symbols
Men fear public speaking
Men are saddled with credit card debt
Men compete against one another financially
Money primarily motivates men in their professional lives

Men Visualize an end
Men Recover from a rejection
Women think men are smarter
Men have their own biological clock
Daughters change men more than sons do
Men can tolerate pain better than women
Marriage favors men

Men like big b**bs
Men hate using c*nd*ms
Men lie t* get s*x
Men don’t last l*ng in b*d
Men d*dge birth contr*l responsibility
Men don’t care whether or not their partners *rg*sm
Men love p*r*
Men fear *n*l stimulation (by someone else)
Men exaggerate their c*nquest st*ries
Men want bigger p*nis*s