07 December 2009

Daily suicide blasts in Pakistan? till when?
Nowadays in Pakistan, we heard daily suicide bomb blast in different cities of Pakistan. Today, there are two blast in Lahore, yesterday in Peshawar and before that in Rawalpindi was hit by terrorist in Mosque when innocent people praying Friday prayers in afternoon.

All this is happening in Pakistan where daily innocent people being killed in the name of terrorism and the country being punished for being MUSLIM COUNTRY with NUCLEAR POWER.

Suicide bombing started to happened when Pakistan started supporting USA in the war against terrorism and when General Musharaf take action against Red Mosque. When General Musharaf resigned and he told in his last speech that PAKISTAN KA ALLAH HAFIZ meaning "May Allah save Pakistan". The continue terrorism and suicide bombing is only happening in Pakistan. Unfortunately Muslims and Islam name is being blamed for this but fact is that muslims cannot burn their own country which is made in the name of Islam. As per government, terrorism is being spread by Afganistan and India into Pakistan.

But my question is this, When suicide blasts will be stopped happening daily? When government will increase their securities to stop such incidents? How many innocent people will die in the name of terrorism in Pakistan? US government is fighting against terrorism with Pakistan or sending more terrorism in Pakistan from Afganistan and India?

Pakistan is the only country which is having so many suicide bomb blast where the person kill himself and others also and still the Brave Pakistanis continue to work their life. Wake Up Pakistanis, Its time to turn the tides.

We are fighting the enemy within Pakistan which is generated by others!
The world will see, Pakistan rising and will witness it!
Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Pindebad!

May Allah Bless All Innocent People In Heaven Died In Terrorism - Ameen