13 August 2008

A business in Malir, Saudabad (Karachi) is selling working Computers by weight. The ad guarantees Pentium IV microprocessor PCs available in 10 or 15 kilogram versions.
The first line of the ad reads:
save thousands of rupees. Buy computers by weight
Main text in red reads:
Pentium IV Computers (available) at Rupees 399 [approx. US$6] per kilogram only
Does it show abundance of PC hardware in Pakistan? or is the country fast becoming a dumping ground for old PCs from rest of the world.
Pentium 4 Available in only Rupees 399 Per Kilo
Note: Pentium 4 is Less 10-15 KG for sure…
Al Madina Computers
I had heard from someone that wholesale computers are sold by weighting them. But now the time has come where this idea is being floated into retail market.
Yea man… now this chap in Karachi is selling Penitum 4 at Rs. 399 per Kilo…That’s really interesting. Furthermore, the banner ad (written in Urdu) mentions that a PC wont be more than 10-15 KG so that count around Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000 (Less than $100)
Defiantly a very attractive catch phrase, given that this PC would be a Celeron Pentium 4 and with low RAM and hard disk. Anyway, number is there, go and check