13 July 2009

Cyber Terrorism: Any person, group or organization who, with terroristic intent utilizes, accesses or causes to be accessed a computer or computer network or electronic system or electronic device or by any available means, and thereby knowingly engages in or attempts to engage in a terroristic act commits the offense of cyber terrorism.

TERRORISTIC: For the purposes of this section the expression “terroristic intent” means to act with the purpose to alarm, frighten, disrupt, harm, damage, or carry out an act of violence against any segment of the population, the Government or entity associated therewith.

The offenders will be apprehended within 48 hours and be punishable upto 14 years in Jail.
The FIA, has been given complete and unrestricted control to arrest and confiscate material as they feel necessary, without forcing them to present a credible case before an arrest warrant is issued, if the FIA follows the law by the book they can pick up any person or property, hold them in custody for up to one year (extensions allowed) before even presenting the case in court. A very dangerous supposition as it opens the door for the rouge FIA agency to do as they please without any safeguards and protection for the innocent

ISLAMABAD - A special campaign has been launched under the directions of Interior Minister Rehman Malik against those who were spreading malicious and concocted stories against the civilian leadership of the country through emails and text messages, Similar campaign has also been initiated against the proscribed organisations, which are using Internet for malicious propaganda against the security forces.

The minister said this campaign was started about two weeks ago and has only been made public now. “We have received numerous complaints about offensive e-mails and SMSs and have also arrested a man from Azad Kashmir who was spreading damaging e-mails against our security officials,” Rehman Malik said.

“We have marked some websites that are based abroad and our teams will be paying a visit to these countries soon.“People can also register their complaints at: minister@interior.gov.pk

The government should revamp the bill as poses to be a very dangerous law for us all, forget the criminals with, it can easily affect innocent Pakistanis who use computers on a daily basis, very simple issues like the act of formatting your hard disk [Destruction of Data] can lead you to a seven years in jail &/or Rs. 1 Million in fines. The consequences appear to have far more serious implications then what Faisal Chohan faced in 2006